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The Behavioral Economics Consulting Group specializes in bringing focus and clarity to challenging problems-where the tangible, the intangible, the real and the imagined are inextricably interwoven. Our informed, practical approach help clients devise breakthrough solutions.

Market Strategy: Research and Problem-Solving

Competitive Research and Analysis
Web sleuthing: intelligence, research and reporting
Survey design, including instrumentation
Data collection - quantitative and qualitative
Data Analysis, including advanced predictive analytics
Focus groups: design, moderation, reporting
Financial analysis and financial strategy planning
Scenario development and testing

Research and Development

Innovation strategy
Design and validation of research tools
Experimental and quasi-experimental design, analysis
New product development, market testing
Digital Media Strategy
Social media planning and implementation
Crowd-funding planning and support

Organizational Assessment

Employee attitude assessment and action planning
Outcome measurement
Offer proprietary, quantitative tool to assess the sense of community in organizations: its impact on revenue and engagement.

Reporting and Design Services

All of the Behavioral Economics Consulting Group's work is customized to the needs of the client. We do not use boilerplate. In all cases, both the work process and product reflect our unique synthesis of structured empirical analysis with clinical acumen. Thus, we combine empiricism and rigor with healthy respect for the power of the intangible... in psychology and business. Our business involves finding that which others cannot see, and using what we know to suggest novel, effective solutions to the knottiest of human/business dilemmas. We help clients decide what to do, and how best to do it.

We have been at the forefront of 'early adopters' of emerging technologies: hardware, software, and social applications. Ms. Richards is a working digital artist, and Dr. Wedeman is an accomplished graphic designer. We are able not only to suggest high-tech solutions; we are able to implement them on our clients' behalves. Our work has been featured in publications across the globe.

Accomplished writers, we also produce focused, readable, action oriented reports should the work require these. See some examples of our work here, here and here.

Presentation Skills

Communications briefings.

Marketing plans.

Meeting and workshop facilitation.

Management coaching and advisory services (both individual and institutional).

Web-based forums for interaction.

......And much much more.