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general services

BECG's services take a number of forms. As with everything else we do, both the process and the work product reflect our unique synthesis of structured empirical analysis with clinical acumen. Thus, we combine empiricism and rigor with healthy respect for the power of the intangible...for psychology and business. Ultimately, we are in the business of suggesting novel, effective solutions to the knottiest of human/business dilemmas.

Work is delivered in a variety of formats, including:

Research studies: qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary. Topics are numerous, from the dynamics of community formation to advertising effectiveness, new market reconaissance, product development, etc.

Competitive analysis.

Reports- long, short, and in-between.


Communications briefings.

Marketing plans and associated documents.

Meeting and workshop facilitation.

Management coaching and advisory services (both individual and institutional).

Web-based forums for interaction.

......And much much more.