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organizational assessment

In keeping with BECG's founding philosophy, we approach organizational assessment from a perspective informed by both psychology and business. In other words, problems known as "people issues" are rarely, if ever, solely interpersonal. Almost invariably, they are interwoven with market, financial, structural, and strategic dilemmas. If these connections are not mapped and addressed, leaders run the danger of replacing the existing cast of characters with new ones, only to watch the same problems resurface in the new group.

This is not to suggest that one must address every single market, financial, structural, or strategic dilemma all at once. Having identified the most critical levers, we advocate making changes that are both substantial and symbolic--at a pace and in a manner that people can quite literally stomach. This way, the affected parties can see that something meaningful is happening. When seeking pervasive change in non-crisis situations, it is critically important to calibrate the rate and magnitude of each step to the organization's ability to integrate it. This minimizes the risk of backlash, and of inadvertent but expensive missteps.